Trekking and camping in Muthanga | Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary.

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary has two protected divisions with fragmentations. They are Muthanga and Tholpetty. Muthanga forest range is located in Southern side of Wayanad sharing its boundaries with Bandipur (Karnataka) and Muthumalai (Tamil Nadu) National Parks in Nilgiri biosphere. Muthanga forest range offers jeep safari through forest in morning (7am - 9am) and Evening (3pm – 6pm) . Muthanga is located about 15 kms from Sultanbathery and 85kms from Mysore. It is located in Calicut- Mysore road. The safari is in jeep. The safari will suspend in crucial circumstances like forest fire, sever draught etc. Our camp is surrounded by Muthanga forests and located in walking distance to the gate.


Muthanga camp is in a farm located inside forests of Muthanga range of Wayanad. The campsite has tree house, Tents, Traditional Wayanadan mudhouse and a farmer’s house, dining area, fire place etc. The fields are regularly raided by animals like elephants, deer, monkeys etc. The camp offers panoramic view of the forests. Villages of Paniya, Kuruma and Cholanayka tribes are also nearby.


Hiking inside the sanctuary is not permissible. We offer 3hrs hiking through plantations, forests fringes, villages and traditional farms. The trail is ideal for birds and village life. The trails of this permissible walking area are in wildlife zone. The village walk offers walking through Wayanadan paddy fields, pepper farms, bamboo groves etc. We also offers village walk and lunch at Muthanga.


The camp is located in the border of Muthanga. The safari office is in walking distance. We arrange jeep safari in the morning and evening slots through the wildlife zone of the sanctuary. The safari is controlled and organised by Department of Forest, Kerala. The safari trail is through natural forest, eucalyptus plantations and grassland. There are good chances of sighting of elephants, deer, gaur etc.


The cost of the camp is based on number of persons. A full package with 3hrs hiking, camping and campfire cost Rs.2000/- per person with a minimum of 2 persons. The prices will decrease if there are more members. Special prices for students group, corporate and family get together. This camp is ideal for family stroll. The food and drinks includes dinner, breakfast, tea and snacks, water etc.

Wayanad wildlife sanctuary The Camp

The Camp location- surround by forests.

accommodation in Muthanga Tree house camp

Tree house camp for observing animals at night

Wildlife in Muthanga Wildlife in the farm

The fields often raided by wild animals.

village visit in Muthanga Trekking in Muthanga

Hiking thorugh villages and riparian forests

village tour in Muthanga Traditional farms in forest fringes

Example of co-existence of Man and wildlife.

safari in Wayanad Jeep Safari in Muthanga

Jeep safari in Muthanga will be arranged from camp

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