The campsite is located at 1500 plus in West Ridge Mountains Munnar.It can be accessible only by walk or 4XD jeep.


The camping site is at 1600 MSL.The camp is in tent with sleeping bags, mats,pillows and sheets.Solo traveller will be accommodated in singlepax tent.

Ground Services

The camp ground is supervised by camp-in charge. It is equipped with proper toilet, kitchen block, campfire area, dining hut, sunset and sunrise viewing area etc.

Medium Treks

Medium trekking option covers cardamom plantations ,farmforest, tea garden, and low mountain slope. It trek path is smooth and less variation in altitude.

Hard Trek

The hard trekking trails are rough and difficult with an altitude variation of 1000 MSL to 2400MSL.The participant should have good physical fitness.

Off-Road Jeep ride

The camp is accessible only by walk or 4x4jeep. We offer offroad jeep ride in challenging mud road and off track on extra cost.

Food & Drinks

Dinner, breakfast, tea, fruits , drinking water and packed lunch is included in full package.The menu is fixed with veg. and non veg. dishes.BBQ cost extra.


Campfire is included in the package.It will be between 7.30 pm and 10pm in common area. No music or loud sound is allowed in the camp.No campfire in bad weather.

Check in Check out time

The usual check in check in time for one night two days programme is 1pm after lunch. The check out time is between 3-4 pm. It can be customized.

Camp Environment

The camp is in a private land bordering grassland and forest with few wild life.The area is rich in birds and butterflies.The camp has panoramic view of mountains.

Multiple Days Treks

The camps offer multiple days trekking with camping in different camp ground.We offer 5-7 days trekking and camping in Munnar region.

Price range

Usual programme is one night Two days trek and camp.The price per person based on group size.A full package cost Rs.2500 per person.Camping only option available.


grids Camp Location

The Camp location at 1600MSL in the foothill of Shiva's Head Peak at 2400MSL. The camp is accessible by walk or 4 x4 Jeep.

sunrise in Munnar Sunset-Sunrise View

The camp is located in a strategic location atop a hill facing South West. This location facilitiate the view of both Sunset and Sunrise from the camp.

chokkanmudi Climax Peak Trek

The climax destination is Shiva's Head Peak at 2350MSL. The climb from the west side of the hill is adventurous. Only hard trek trail goes to the peak.

tent camp Tent Camp

Overnight camp is in outdoor ground in tents, equiped with mats, sheets, pillow, sleeping bags etc.

Thar Mountain Camp Camp ground

The camp groumd is equiped with toilets, emergency shelter, kitchen, campfire area, dining area etc

activities Common area

The common area is available for all memebrs of the group.