Pampadumchola is the continuation of rich shola-grassland biome of Palani hills. It is declared as national park in 2003, by considering its biological wealth and ecological importance. The topography is undulating with an altitude variation of 1600MSL to 2400MSL.

Treks & CAMP

Trekking in Pampadumchola is an amazing Shola forest experience.The Pampadumchola camp is in loghouse offered by the park authorities. It is well equipped with all camping gears and solar lights. It is an ideal spot to watch night sky.


We offer tailor made packages to pampadumchola national park for hiking, birding and camping. Our packages are guided and provide all camping gears, transfers etc. One can book programme directly at office of WLW.


The forest is one of the best habitat of many rare species like Nilgiri Marten, Brown palmcivet, Brown Mongoose etc., apart from many endemic species of birds. The park offer nature trails and jungle camps to enjoy the pristine wet forest of Shola.

camping in shola Log House

Log House camp.

shola treks Trekking in Chola

Trekking through shola and grassland

chola The Forest

Rich Shola and Marsh.

wildlife of shola Mammals

Rare and endemic species of mammals.

birds of shola Birds

An Endemic Birds Area in Western Ghats.

reptiles of shola Reptiles

Many restricted species.