Lakshmi Hills

Lakshmi hills offers panoramic view of Western Ghats ranges. Both medium and hard treks available. Duration can be customized. Cost depends on number of persons.

Moorland Trek

Half day and full day High moorland and grass hill trek. Both medium and hard options available. Cost depends on number of persons. full package with packed lunch and fruits.

Full day hard trek

Full day hard trek from 1200MSL to 2350MSL. with packed lunch, water, and fruits. Hard trek path. Cost depends on number of persons. Difficult terrain and climb.


Both medium and hard trek options with packed lunch, and water. Hard trek option involves jeep transfer and Kulirumalai peak. Price depends on number of persons


TTopstation–Kolukkumali trekking with packed lunch and water.Only hard option available.Topstation Chilanthiyar full day medium trek available.

Heather land trek

Only soft trek available.It is through the heather land of Old and new Munnar.It involves tea garden history, birds and wayside plants. Suitable for senior citizens.

Tea Trail

Tea Expert guided plantation walks, self plucking, processing, tasting tea, visit to living tea factory suitable for all age group. Full package includes lunch and refreshments.

Spice plantation walks

Full day walking tour in Spice Planters village with traditional lunch. Visit to farms, spice processing, other agricultural activities. Suitable for all groups.

grids Lakshmi Hills Trek

Where the ridges meet

grids Moorland hike

High grassland and moorlad where Kestrals hide

grids Heatherland hike

Heatherland of Munnar where first twon built.

grids Kolukkumalai

In the edge of Korangani crater

grids Tea Trail

Experience tea and its history.

grids Spice Trail

A journey through spiceland.

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