The campsite is located about 10kms from Mananthavadi town. Perched on a hill, the site offers excellent view of Bhramagiri, Makki and Banasura peaks. The campsite is surrounded by grassland and forest rich in wildlife and birds. The camp offers 5 to 7hrs of walking safari through west evergreen and moist forests.


The camping tents are Tibia type with attached toilet. It has elevated platform. Proper mattress, sheets and blankets etc will be provided. Campsite is well protected with solar fencing. Dinner and breakfast will be provided in campsite. No music, shouting or big campfire allowed.


The location of the camp is in a strategic location, connecting migration tracts between Malabar Wildlife Sanctuary and Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary. The grassland and forest biome of the area is rich in wild animals and birds including elephants, tiger, gaur, leopard, samabar etc.


We offer tailor made packages of one 2 to 3 days continuous walking safari and jungle camp in this site, guided by a naturalist and tribal guard. Packed lunch will be provided enroute. The price of the programme is based on number of persons in the group. Please contact us for more details price and itinerary.

wayanad wildlife sanctuary WThe camping site

Tibia tent in camp.

wayanad camping Walking safari

Guided forest trekking

Wayanad forest Grassland forest biome

Undisturbed forest and wildlife.

Wayanad wildlife sanctuary Wildlife of the trail

Migration tracts of wildlife.

wmalabar wildlife sanctuary Interesting fauna

Rich fauna .

Thalapuzha Evening stroll to grassland

It is the sunset point of the camp

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