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How to Choose and Book a Trekking tour.

Choosing a suitable trekking is a difficult task for a first time visitor to an area. Here through our website we offered a number of packages on choose and pick basis. If you are looking for a serious walking holiday, it is suggested to choose multiple days trekking. You may contact us with number of days in your tour plan for trekking, leisure etc, physical fitness, difficulties in terrain, camping requirements etc through enquiry form. Our experts in relevant area will draft a primary tour plan for your consideration. Then you can customise your plan with changes required. Then the final draft with costing will reach you in time. One can apply the same method for camps and day treks. Senior citizen and family groups can choose our Seniors trail and family stroll treks. One day trekking are guided trekking of soft, medium and hard phase, ranging from 3hrs to 12hrs.


Where do we meet/ how programme runs

Our representative will meet you in specified place or a pick up point like Airport, Railway Station etc as per the package. We will arrange pick up and drop from anywhere in Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. If you are coming directly to the main destinations or base stations, say, Munnar, Wayanad etc, our representative will receive you at your arrival port. All the base camps have fresh up facilities, luggage store etc.All programmes are guided by our team members. Essentials permit for trekking, from concerned authorities will be taken, where ever needed

What to Bring

The things to carry are based on seasons of the year. For mountain Trek food wear with good grip is essential. Wearing pants or shorts is depends on the trail selected. Warm clothes for winter nights time is suggested. Cotton cloths are enough for day treks. Hat, walking sticks, sunglass, sunscreen etc are also suggested. A small bag to carry your personal belongings is essential. We will provide water for the trek and packed food for the trek as per package. For camping we will provide tents, sleeping bags, pillow, sheets, mat, etc. All vessels for dining and drinking will also be provided at site.

Terrain/Risk/ Security

In most cases the terrain is undulated with hills and valleys. But for senior’s walk and family stroll the trek is through specific walk ways. In exploration treks and jungle treks, sometimes we have to change the path to bush trails, if there is any threat from animals.We provide proper security in camping as per the norms of the land. Each camp is run under a manager, care taker etc. They will be in the campsite through out to cater the needs. We are not using any guns or weapons even in forest trek. Our nature guides are trained enough to avoid possible hazards from animals. For multiple days treks, seniors walks etc we have 4x4 jeeps for emergency transfers. Each camp is equipped with emergency cottage in case of bad weather.


“A trek to conquer Southern India!”-I got to know about Kerala Geographic Adventures online. I got in touch with Mr. Benny and i booked a trek through the Tahr Mountain Camp to the Chokramudi Peak ( the highest and the most difficult trekkable point in South India."

- Trip Advisor

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