Bhramagiri Hills

Trek to Bhramagiri and camp in Thirunelli.

Bhramagiri and Pakshipathalam located in Begur forest range of Wayanad near Thirnelli, 31km north of Manthavadi. The peak is at an altitude of 1600asl. The forests of lower hills are tropical evergreen, gradually changes to Shola-grassland type. The trail is in an active Tiger home range. Apart from Tiger, elephants, gaur, sambar, spotted deer etc are major mammal species. It is a paradise of birds including Wayanad laughing thrush. It shares its flora and fauna with Bhramagiri Wildlife sanctuary. Tholpetty range of Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is adjacent to this forest. The forest trek is controlled by the department of forest. Trek o Bhramagii, tent camping in Thirunelli, village trek, campfire, spa in kalindi, Thirunelli visit, mud football etc are included in our package.


The camp is located Thirunelli , overlooking Bhramagiri hills, Begur forest etc. It is surrounded by paddy fields, forest, fields etc. The Kalindi River is flowing through this valley. The camp is in tents. The campsite is well equipped with washrooms, dining, campfire area etc.


Our village walk is though Adiya and Kurichiya villages, forest alleys, riverside forests etc. It offers good chances of sighting of wild animals, birds, village life and nature. One can have a visit to Papanasini for or Kalindi for a spa We also provides mud football, tug-of-war etc for groups.


Way to campsite is inside wildlife zone of Begur forest. Tholpetty range of the Sanctuary is 10kms from the camp. The range offers jeep safari in morning (7am-10am) and evening (3pm-6pm). Safari will be suspended during sever draught and fire season.


The cost of the camp is based on number of persons. A full package with hiking, camping , inhouse activities and campfire cost Rs.2000/- per person with a minimum of 2 persons. The prices will decrease if there are more members. Special prices for students group, corporate etc. Bhramagiri trek cost extra.

trek to Chembra The Camp at Thirunelli

The camp is in tent, overlooking Bhramagiri hills.

accommodation in Muthanga Bhramagir and Pakshipathalam

Bhramagiri and Pakshipathalam hills near the camp

centenary waterfall Inhouse trekking trails

Trek to Papanasini and Thirunelli.

Banasura Sagar Village life

Village trek offer good wildlife, birds and village life

 accommodation in vythiri Jeep Safari in tholpetty

Good number of wildlife in safari track.

camping in Wayanad Camp Area

The camp is surrounded by forest

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