About us

Trekking , camping and Mountaineering Organization.

We are a group of trekking and mountaineering professionals from local destinations joined together under the leadership of Kerala Geographic Adventures. We offers off the beaten destinations and best of mountain hike, walking safaris, camping, village trek, campfire , rope adventures etc. Each of these specialised camps are run by specialist from the area trained in respective field. Our mountaineering team is lead by Mr. Sudeesh , who successfully completed Himalayan Mountaineering course level �II. Our naturalists in River way camps and nature camps are trained naturalists from KIITS. We pledged ourselves to responsible and ecotourism principles. The camps set up with proper capacity study and run with in the limit

The 3 Pillars

Ecotourism in Kerala LOCAL STAKEHOLDERS

All of our programme are run by local stake holders � They are participating in its administration to experience designs and execution.


A s part of our ecotourism principle we educate our leaders, local stakeholders and participants in conservation of biodiversity of the area.

responsible tour organiers EDUCATION & EXPERIENCE

Our camping and trekking programme are educative in nature. It involves guided walks with lectures in nature and culture.


-A trek to conquer Southern India!--I got to know about Kerala Geographic Adventures online. I got in touch with Mr. Benny and i booked a trek through the Tahr Mountain Camp to the Chokramudi Peak ( the highest and the most difficult trekkable point in South India)."

- Trip Advisor

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